Always looking for large diameter trees to use for our furniture. We can cut 46" wide and 45' long.

More than three years ago, I began hauling logs on my trailer from NYC to Liberty, NY, where I have a mill. Every week was an adventure looking for wood and logs.

I starting out very small, going from tree cutter to private residences and municipal facilities to get trees. Loading them on my trailer and hauling them from Boston to Washington D.C., I was called "black lumberjack". The first time I heard it I was suprised but six months later I was completely fine with it.

I have ventured into many back yards to retrieve fallen trees. Sometimes I am helped by the home owner or perhaps a neighbor with a loader helps out.

I try my best to get as much info as I can about a tree from the owner and/or the tree cutter. I often have pictures and addresses for documentation.

 A Large Cherry tree from Nyack NY. This tree is larger than our band saw mill can handle, so we will be chain saw slabbing this tree with the Stihl 090 73" bar

Harvested from Hanover NJ, Cemetary and River rd. Walnut Log 16'long and 37" wide. Like all of out large logs will be cut to length. Please check out facebook to see out other large Diameter Walnut Logs. This Log is kiln dried.

Walnut log from interlaken NY. 42" Wide and 17' long. Will be cut to length

Elm Log 52" Diameter and 8' long
Mulberry Logs Big Burl Type Logs. 46" Diameter and 57" long
White oak Log with Crotch 40"-65" wide and 9'long